Deleting Books?

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  • Nina 9 months ago

    Hi, (Scott?) 

    I'm not sure who can help me, but I'm doing a "spring-cleaning" of my bookaxe account, deleting books that hold little emotional value to me, etc. 

    I've been meaning to remove Dan Brown's Lost Symbol, but apparently it was part of the Bounty Hunt and it won't show me the regular page?

    Thanks so much for the help. 

  • Lucy Cruickshanks 9 months ago

    Hi Nina. Leave it with us and we'll sort for you ASAP!

  • Nina 9 months ago

    Hi :) 

    Thank u

    This is the link, I hope it that's what you meant

  • Lucy Cruickshanks 9 months ago

    Thanks Nina. I'll get Scott on the case and let you know when it is done :)

  • Scott Cruickshanks 9 months ago

    Hi Nina, 

    I have deleted "The Lost Symbol! for you - I am not sure what happen there. As a result "Into Thin Air" has moved from shelf 2 to shelf 4.

    I hope you are having a good weekend.


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