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  • Abraham 4 months ago

    Hello,my name isAbraham ray

  • Lucy Cruickshanks 4 months ago

    Welcome to Bookaxe, Abraham! What sort of books do you like to read?

  • Abraham 4 months ago

    Reference,role-playing games and cookbooks 

  • Monique 3 months ago

    Hello my name is Monique and I’m new  to the book chat and I’m from fla I would love to know what everyone reads and how many you read a day? 

  • Abraham 3 months ago

    Hello Monique my name isAbraham ray and usually read reference and role playing games, I don’t keep track of how many books I read myself.

  • Karma Gayely 3 months ago

    Hello everyone. I am karma from bhutan. Suggest me book of knowledge 

  • Llama 2 months ago

    I’m Llama. Seriously not faking, that’s my nickname. I like fantasy and I recently re-obsessed myself w/ Rick Riordian because of 9ft9w. Oh, and John Green is good.

  • Rudy Anderssøn-Younes 2 weeks ago

    Hi guys read "You are not your brain" by Jeffrey Schwartz


    Highly recommended

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