Thoughts on the Wizarding World

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  • Becca 9 months ago

    From the beginning I was a massive Harry Potter fan, I have read all the books and watched all the movies from the original series.

    What do you guys think of JK Rowling’s new books? Do you think it’s over doing it and beating a dead horse. Or do you think she is just expanding the world for a new generation to enjoy? Personally I’m not a lover of the new stories. 


  • Frankie 9 months ago

    For me personally I'm not a fan and I get a little bit less interested with every new book (but I loved the orignial books obviously). Sometimes it's more magical to leave things to our imagination than have to have every detail prescribed for us. Personal taste aside, I don't have any problem if other people enjoy them though and I don't think she's just doing it for the money or attention like some people say - she hardly needs any more of either!

  • Nina 9 months ago

    If they had been actual books, I would have been very interested. But I honestly feel no desire to read screenplays. I did always feel the magic of the Wizarding World was firmly rooted in the book series. The movies were fine, but I feel none of us would have cared as much, if we hadn't already known the world/characters through the books. 

    Maybe I'm a downer, but I truly think the reaction to these movies would have been different if JK had first released proper books the movies could have been based on. :/

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