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  • DazP 1 year ago

    Hi. Is there any way I can add books that I've read on my kindle to my bookshelf. I've tried typing some of them into the book search but it doesn't seem to recognise them. 

  • Scott Cruickshanks 1 year ago

    Hi DazP,

    Wow you have a lot of new books on your Bookcase!

    With regards to getting books from your Kindle to your bookshelf at the moment you would have to search for the book title - we are looking at ways of making easier to import books on mass. We currently use "Google Books" for our catalogue and on rare occasions some books don't appear (although they claim to have over 25 million books to choose from) and from what I can tell this tends to happen more from smaller publishers/authors who have only listed their books on the Amazon ebook store but not the Google Play store. Again we are looking into ways of making so that any book can be added but unfortunately for now it is a case of watching this space I am afraid.

    Kind Regards


  • DazP 1 year ago

    OK  thank you very much Scott

  • DazP 1 year ago

      I've been adding the books I have read with 'Goodreads'. I noticed the 'Bookaxe' app a few days ago and thought I'd download it. Loving it so far.

  • Scott Cruickshanks 1 year ago

    Thanks DazP I am glad to hear you are enjoying and please do let us know if there are any new features you would like to see going forward. There is another Bookchat with other peoples suggestions already and from our perspective the more feedback the better.

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