Has anyone read Zenith?

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  • Morgan 1 year ago

    Has anyone read Zenith by Sasha Alsberg? I love her on youtube and I really want to read it but I was waiting for the paperback since the hardback is expensive but I've seen nothing but shade thrown at it and I'm really disapointed :( Can someone tell me, is it really that bad???

  • AFrozenBookParadise 1 year ago

    I personally enjoyed it. The metaphors could use some work and a few perspectives read like the MC's, but I enjoyed the plot and I found the world very interesting. I have a full spoiler-free review up on my YouTube channel but it's linked to my book review here if you'd like to check it out. 

  • Nina 1 year ago

    It probably depends on what you enjoy...and how big of a tolerance you have. But i wouldnt risk it. The reviews its been getting seem legit, and there's so much else actually good stuff that you could be investing your time and money into :)

  • Lucy Cruickshanks 1 year ago

    @Katie @Nina I've seen some BRUTAL reviews for this book! Truly. I think there probably has to be some truth in what Katie said about publishers just trying to cash in on Alsberg's brand and not caring for quality, since I've heard too many voices saying it's not up to scratch to ignore them all. It's disappointing. You'd hope the publishers would either make the effort to do a good job or give a contract to a writer who deserves it, instead. Shame indeed.


    @AFroxenBookParadise it's great to hear a different perspective and I'm glad you here you found something enjoyable in it. (Here's the direct link to her review if anyone is interested! 135021https://bookaxe.com/book/Zenith/Sasha_Alsberg/135021)

    @Morgan don't forget to tell us what you think if you do decide to read it! I'd love to know.

  • Morgan 1 year ago

    Thanks everyone. I do still want to read it but I will definitly wait for the paperback. Hopefully I will be one of the people who likes it! I thought your review was really good @afrozenbookparadise :)

  • Tammie tackett 1 year ago

    her book is great those people who read and gave it a bad 1 star is just jealous cause they cannot write a book like that

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