Dyslexic Bookworms

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  • Becca 11 months ago

    Thoughts on this? 

  • Edeli 11 months ago

    Hi, my sister and I are both dyslexic bookworms but in my experience, this doesn't really change our reading.  My sister can devour books of 800 pages in a day or two while it takes me about a week sometimes to finish one of 500. I personally love the font opendyslexic which I use when I read on my e-reader but she detests it. I like big fonts she likes them small.

    What I do think though is that we tend to be late bookworms because of reading we had to do in school. For me, we only knew I had dyslexia at a later age so learning to read was very confronting. I always had the lowest reading level at school. So I wasn't really inclined to read for fun. That only came later. Thankfully I had great parents who also love reading but never pushed me to read above my level at the time but supported me and let me figure it all out on myself. Now I'm an avid reader.

    I think that the point that I'm trying to make is that reading with dyslexia, although the start may be a little rough, once we get going we are just like every other reader.

    Now I am speaking from my own experience and am not and do not speak for the whole community. This is just how I think about it. 

  • Lucy Cruickshanks 11 months ago

    I have a dyslexic friend who always said she hated reading, which stemmed back to her experiences in school as Edeli says happened for them too. Later she started listening to audiobooks on her commute and realised how much she loved stories, which encouraged her to try reading again as an adult, with more success. I think Edeli had a good point that once started, all readers are different but the love of stories is the same.

    What do you think about it, Becca?

  • Becca 11 months ago

    Well I am Dyslexic, and I am completely new to reading. 

    In school I hated anything to do with reading and told a lot of me teachers not to ask me to read in front of the class.

    Along with the slowness of my reading I miss read a lot of words, skipped lines and even get head aches even though I don’t need glasses.

    it is only in the last 6 months that I have started to read for enjoyment and I am really liking it. I read old or second hand books that have turned slightly brown, as weird as it sounds I find it so difficult to read white paper. 

    It solved a huge problem for me and now I’m reading everyday. 


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