*CONTAINS SPOILERS* Ready Player One: Did I miss something?

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  • Lucy Cruickshanks 1 year ago

    I've just finished reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and although I did think it was a really fun and compelling read, there was one thing that bugged me. I read it pretty quickly so perhaps I missed a detail somewhere, but was wondering if anyone felt the same...

    When the Sixers blew up Wade's trailer, they thought he was dead, right? But obviously when his avatar remained active and then kept gaining points on the scoreboard, they would have realised that they'd failed. They'd have been angry! Surely they'd have been trying to hunt him down etc? Did I miss something that wrapped this up? It must have been little, if I did! There seemed to be no repercussions whatsoever, which I didn't believe would have happened. I just feel like Cline missed an opportunity for some real drama and found it frustrating! Just me!? Anyone have thoughts?

    Otherwise an awesome book. Shelf 2! Will post a full review when I record one in a few days :)

  • Salieri 1 year ago

    Hey Lucy! It was mentioned that he completely changed identity and went to live in a super safe flat. The Sixers knew he was alive but couldn't find him, I think :)

  • Lucy Cruickshanks 1 year ago

    Hey @salieri! Thanks! I got that he had changed identity but I suppose I just wanted a bigger acknowledgment that they knew they'd been tricked and were looking for him, or him trying to hide and being afraid, or even a face-off! It just seemed to be one element that was a little undercooked for me. Perhaps it's a wider issue about the assassination attempt in general. We're told he didn't have a good relationship with his aunt and therefore wasn't upset she died, and also that he was sad about the old lady, but we didn't really see these relationship in any depth to share his pain/indifference. I guess that wasn't the point of the book, however. Still a great read, overall. So much fun!

  • Lydia Loves Lit 1 year ago

    Hey Lucy. I know exactly what you mean about Mrs Gilmore. I kept expecting her to come back into the book because they made a point of introducing her at the start, and it felt like the author only did that so it gave Wade something to be sad about when the time came. I didn't buy into the sentiment really. He didn't care! However, if they were going to do a big bit about him being sad for her (or not sad for his aunt) they'd have needed to make his whole backstory a bigger part of the book, and there wasn't really space for that here, I don't think, and there didn't need to be either because it was a really great adventure story and not about deep and profound characters (even though actually I liked Wade a lot from the off). I didn't really notice about the Sixers not chasing him but I suppose you have a point and to face off earlier would have been cool and dramatic. I still LOVED this book. And I totally enjoyed geeking out to all the video game and 80s stuff! The detail was awesome.

  • Lucy Cruickshanks 1 year ago

    Yes, @Lydia! I think you've got it spot on. More backstory would have slowed the plot right down and made it a different book. And the nuggets we got were good - like the fact his dad called him Wade Watts because it sounded like a superhero. I liked that! I'm sure loads of the 80s detail went over my head but I didn't mind. You didn't need to know the nitty gritty of it to get that the characters were super knowledge and having fun.

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