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  • Sam 1 year ago

    Hello; Am really enjoying Bookaxe; love the whole concept of it. The interface is excellent so congrats on the design and functionality! As a suggestion I would really like a way to sort each shelf by author or title. This is just me being a pedant I guess, but where I have multiple works by one author on a shelf I'd like to see their books shown together. This would also make it easier when it comes to finding books when organising the shelves as well.

  • Scott Cruickshanks 1 year ago

    @Sam Thank you so much for the feedback.

    We actually happen to be working on some improvements to the bookcase right now so we will see what we can do. In the meantime though you can move the books around manually on each shelf (I know this isn't ideal) and I have seen that a couple of other people who have shared their bookcases have grouped their books by author and it looks really good with the matching covers next to each other.

  • Nancy Hernandez 1 year ago

    I'm having a hard time figuring out how to axe a book I read. I can't find the tab or anything. I don't remember how I did it the first time oops. Help!

  • Scott Cruickshanks 1 year ago

    Hi Nancy,

    There actually isn't an option currently to directly Axe a book you have read.

    You can however delete a book from your bookshelf by clicking on it and the option will appear under the cover image (it won't be added to your Graveyard though). We envisaged people axing books recommendations they weren't interested in but have not read and books you didn't enjoy would be placed on your bottom shelf. However please do use Bookaxe as you want and do let us know if you want to do something you currently can't because chances are we just haven't thought of it.

    One possible option you currently have for getting a book you have read onto your graveyard is to first add it to your TBR and then from there when you click on it you will be given an option to Axe it.

  • Amy 1 year ago

    Hi, really love the book chat feature, I keep wanting to use emojis, but they don’t work, i think it would be really cool if we could use emojis. Thanks.

  • Lucy Cruickshanks 1 year ago

    Hi Amy. It's a good idea! Thank you. We'll have a look and see what we can do...

  • Adia 1 year ago

    Hi, sorry but is it possible to switch a lot of books from higher shelves to lower shelves without having to exchange an equal amount of books? To better explain, say I have 10 books on my 2nd shelf that I want to put on my 3rd shelf but only 5 books on my 3rd shelf I want to switch to my second shelf, is it possible to switch those 10 for those 5? I've tried it and it doesn't seem to be working.. but I just wanted to check if that's alright. If that isn't a feature would it be plausible for me to suggest?

  • Lucy Cruickshanks 1 year ago

    Hi Adia. I'm afraid you have to switch an equal number of books. We've done this deliberatly for a number of reasons, including that when people have to really think about what their favourite books are, it helps us to understand what they truly love and make much better recommendations for them. It also prevents people giving every book the equivilant of 5 stars or 1 stars like happens on some of our competitor sites, so we can make sure that our ratings and reviews are far more reliable and trustworthy (it stops sneaky authors cheating to get ratings, for example, as well as the trolls who hate on everything regardless... we all know them!) We know it takes a little getting used to but we think it works well in the long run, and we hope it's also fun really having to think about the books too. There is also a simple solution - if you want to add more books to a higher shelf, you can do this when you add more books overall. The more books you have shelved in total, the more you can put on your favourites! Hope this helps.

  • Adia 1 year ago

    Ahh, that makes sense. Thank you! Additionally, would shelves for DNF'ed books ever be added?

  • Lucy Cruickshanks 1 year ago

    Oooooh! I like this idea, Adia! I'll pass it on to the team to discuss. Thanks!

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