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  • Scott Cruickshanks 2 years ago

    @Alicia Thanks a lot for the great ideas. Currently if someone else who is sharing their Bookcase bumps yours you should recieve an email notification but we can definitely look into adding notifications for the other things as you suggest.

    I also like the idea of creating some sort of banner/badge you could put on your Blog to link to your Bookcase and I have now added it to our ever growing to-do list and we will try and get to it asap.

    Please do keep the ideas coming it is so helpful for us to hear what people actually want instead of us having to guess. Thanks Again. 

  • ChristyCO125 1 year ago

    I wanted to say that I’m loving BookAxe as alternative to Goodreads. I’m not really good at giving things a star rating. I think the way you rate your feelings about a book are more intuitive on here.

    Question: I checked the info button on my recommendations and it seems that the only way to get new recommendations is to either add a book or axe a book. As I add new books to my bookshelf my compatibility rating goes down. Is there a way I can refresh my recs and see something with that may have a higher score without having to move a book to another category? I have a hard time giving a book the boot without actually trying to read it. 

  • Scott Cruickshanks 1 year ago

    @ChristyCO125 Thanks for your kind words it genuinely means a lot to us to hear that we have created something that people find useful.

    Re getting new recommendations the first one you see will be the one that we think is the best match for you so as you axe/shelve or add the recommendations to your TBR the "match score" will slowly go down. What we do though periodically is do a complete refresh of all our recommendations which will take into account which books not only you but people with similar tastes to you have liked/disliked at which point you should see new recommendations with high match scores. We are looking to increase the frequency at which we do this refresh and as we get more readers on board this will be easier. We ultimately want this update to happen in realtime.

    In the meantime though I would say to be pretty liberal with the axe feature as you can always find these books in the "graveyard" (which can be accessed via the magnifying glass dropdown) and then they can be added to your TBR/Bookcase at a later date. 

  • Melinda Linsky 1 year ago

    I would like to enter your YouTube giveaway! I’m subscribed under linskmel 

  • Carlotta 1 year ago

    Hello! I really like the shelf-organization system on bookaxe, but I think it would be useful if bookaxe could recognize the different editions of a book as the same book. I will try to better explain: with some editions, bookaxe sees it is the same book and different editions are all marked as read and that is great; but with other editions (especially if it is a translated edition) the bookaxe system considers it a different book entirely. This is not great for two reasons: first of all, one might add the same book twice by mistake; and second in this way it is harder for the bookaxe system to reach a number of readers that shelved that book high enough to give stats (shelfie score and likeminded reader score) about said book. English not being my first language, I'm sorry if I didn't explain myself very well, I hope it is sufficiently comprehensible. Bye and keep up the good work!

  • Scott Cruickshanks 1 year ago

    @Melinda Excellent we will enter you into the ballot taking place on Sunday

    @Carlotta Thank you very much for your feedback and you raise a very valid point and with regards to translated editions it is not something we had actually thought about yet but now that you have pointed it out it has been added to our to do list and we should be able to come up with a solution. 

    In the meantime if you accidentially add the same book twice if you click on the duplicate book on your bookcase you will be able to delete it.

  • Andrea Rojas 1 year ago

    Hi there, 

    I thought I’d take advantage of this space and thank you for the book I received from you. 

    I was once of the first 100 and you sent me Wonder. I think it’s was a very nice touch to the creation of the page.

    Thank you so so much I really appreciate it. 

    And I believe I’ve already told Lucy about a delete button, distracted people like me add books we haven’t actually read haha. But other than that I find everything great. 

    Have a nice day! 

  • Scott Cruickshanks 1 year ago

    @Andrea Hi Andrea we are glad you enjoyed Wonder and thanks for letting us know.

    Following your previous feedback to Lucy we have actually already added a delete option on books on your bookcase. Just click on the book and you will see it under the cover image. Thanks for getting in touch as honestly the feedback is super useful in helping us improve the site.

  • Bill (Pappy) Drake 1 year ago

    Today my wife and I attended a book fair put on by our county library system in Lee County, Florida. One of the guest authors was Scott Turow who talked about his latest book Testimony. It is a court case fiction about a large group of roma (gypsy) refugees in Bosnia that was murdered and only one person survived thus the importance of his testimony. The history of the events that lead up to this story was fasinating and tragic. Picked up a copy of the book and it is my next read. I have been saturating myself with fantasy books. Good time for a change.

  • Lucy Cruickshanks 1 year ago

    @bill That sounds like a good day out and a really worthwhile read. The kind of book I'd be interested in, so I'll look it up, thanks. It's always good to read outside your comfort zone, I find. I hope you find it interesting and maybe learn a little something too!

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