What book got you out of your reading slump?

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  • Morgan 1 year ago

    Help! I'm in the worst reading slump ever! I can't get excited about anything I've picked up lately and my DNF pile is growing fast :(((

    What books have got you out of your slumps?

  • Lydia Loves Lit 1 year ago

    Have you tried re-reading your old favorites? That way you know you're going to love it. Even ones you loved as a kid. Or at least stick to your comfort zone genre. I often think slumps have nothing to do with the books and everything to do with whatever else crazy stuff is going on in my life and when that calms down I can get back into books no trouble. Maybe try something feel-good too? hope it gets better!

  • Erika 1 year ago

    I was in a reading slump a month or two ago. I picked up "Rump" by Lisl Shurtliff, a very sweet fantasy fairy tale retelling. It got me very excited again XP

  • Nina 1 year ago

    Anything by Dan Brown is perfect for a reading slump. The chapters are incredibly short, sometimes even 2-3 pages, which makes reading very easy. The pace is quite fast too, which is a necessity for me during a slump.

    As much as I enjoyed long books with a gradual build in tension, they take time and patience... which is not what's gonna make things better.

  • Frankie 11 months ago

    ROMANCE!!!! You need some romance in your life to pick you up! I love Nicola Yoon or Jenny Han. Agree with Nina too that short chapters are a good idea.

  • Erika 11 months ago

    Frankie I agree with those (I loved the way Nicola Yoon's Everything, Everything was written, so that also helps for reading slumps. And To All the Boys I've Loved Before, man, just perfect xd)

  • Bill (Pappy) Drake 11 months ago

    When I am in a slump I put my fiction to read down and go back to non fiction. I read a lot of science like michio kaku or neal degrasse tyson and especially history about leadership from authors such as Jon Meacham or Doris Kearns Goodwin. The subject matter, though is highly engaging,gets weighty eventually and by then I am ready for some good fiction.

  • Lucy Cruickshanks 11 months ago

    I really like this idea, Bill! I think non-fiction would work for me too :)

  • Morgan 11 months ago

    Thanks everyone! I have just started reading Northern Lights again which is an old favrite so hopefully this will be the one! I have never tried any Dan Brown but I have seen the movies and enjoyed them so I may try and get hold of the books too. WISH ME LUCK... XP

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