The Hating Game

Sally Thorne

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Publisher: Piatkus Books
Pages: 384


NEMESIS [n] 1) A long-standing rival; an arch-enemy 2) A person's undoing 3) Joshua Templeman Lucy Hutton, baker-of-cakes, exemplary assistant and professional 'nice girl', is waging war. She's got the whole office on her side - except for tall, dark and charmless Joshua Templeman. He's been nothing but hostile since the moment they met and now it feels like nothing matters as much as taking him down. 'Charming, self-deprecating, quick-witted and funny.' The New York Times Trapped together under...

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The best hate-to-love Romance there ever was. I adore this book and think it's one of the best the Romance genre has to offer! I read it three times last year. Here's my review:

Ann Fernandez

This book was better than I thought it would be, but not by much. There were some things I really enjoyed, and some I really didn't enjoy.

First of all, this is not an actual hate-to-love romance (the only type of romance I actually enjoy) and it never was. It's clear they never really hated each other from the get-go, and one of my favorite aspects of a hate-to-love romance, the slow burn, is non-existent here.

I really enjoyed the humor in this novel. My problem was there wasn't enough of it, and some parts were more cringe-worthy than funny. I'd say the humorous elements were in a little more than 10% of the book when I was expecting it to be about 50%.

I really enjoyed Lucy's character (and part of Josh's). My problem was that we didn't get enough out of their characters. Neither had any friends or any real hobbies (unless you consider working out and collecting smurfs hobbies, which I don't) so their entire lives revolved around three things: their job, their romance, and (partially) their family. Then there was also the fact that very surface-level character growth happened that just didn't really change the characters much, if at all. Lucy stops being a doormat; Josh starts being slightly more decent. That's it; they don't have any inner revelations or reflections on how they should stop living for other people and instead accept themselves for who they are. They just make out a bunch and decide they love each other.

There were also tiny little tidbits of the book that just rubbed me the wrong way, like how heteronormative almost every character was, the lack of diversity in nearly every department (there was one fat character but he was a pervy garbage can that was actually nicknamed Fat Little Dick), and just how I got this weird Pride and Prejudice fanfiction vibe throughout this entire book.

Overall, I think most people would enjoy this read throughout the entire book, I only enjoyed parts of it.


Times read: 1 (6/2019)


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Characters in depth

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Pure entertainment

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Explores the darker side of life
Light-hearted and optimistic


No swearing or violence etc
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