City of Bones

Cassandra Clare

Shelfie Score: 43%

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Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Pages: 544


15 year old Clary Fray goes out to the Pandemonium Club in New York one evening, hardly expecting to witness a murder, let alone one committed by three strangely tattooed teenagers brandishing the weirdest weapons she’s ever seen. And how can she call the police when the body has vanished before her eyes, the murderers appear invisible to everyone around her and when there’s literally nothing?not even a drip of blood?to show that the victim was even ever there. After this first, fateful meeting...

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Eleanor Cooper

An extremely fun, fast-paced story set in an incredibly large urban-paranormal world. This book brings the reader into the world quickly, but not in such a way that you feel lost or overwhelmed. All the characters have depth and a huge variety of characteristics, personalities, views, and relationships. Except for a few cliches, the characters feel genuine and lovable. The fact that when writing this I have read this book 3 times, and will most likely read it again in the future, it is hard to write anything objective about it because I am so in love with the world and characters. Coming back to the very start feels so warm and comfortable.


This book is one that, if you fall in love with it, you will never want to stop reading about the universe the books create. This first book in the original six book series is one that stands out to me out of the many books I have read. It quickly throws you in to a world that you learn about through the main character, Clary Fray. You learn about the past and present of the main character as well as the side characters. This book pulls you in with action, romance, and drama. Every page you turn builds the story one word at a time rather than throwing each plot line together.


Bookaxe Characteristics for City of Bones

Character and Plot:

Characters in depth

Fast-paced plot

Language and Style:

Straight to the point

Language and style central

New Information:

Pure entertainment

Introduces you to new ideas


Explores the darker side of life
Light-hearted and optimistic


No swearing or violence etc
Frequent swearing and violence etc

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