Anne of Green Gables

L. M. Montgomery

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Anne of Green Gables CHAPTER I. Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Surprised CHAPTER II. Matthew Cuthbert is surprised CHAPTER III. Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised CHAPTER IV. Morning at Green Gables CHAPTER V. Anne’s History CHAPTER VI. Marilla Makes Up Her Mind CHAPTER VII. Anne Says Her Prayers CHAPTER VIII. Anne’s Bringing-up Is Begun CHAPTER IX. Mrs. Rachel Lynde Is Properly Horrified CHAPTER X. Anne’s Apology CHAPTER XI. Anne’s Impressions of Sunday-School CHAPTER XII. A Solemn Vow and Promise CHAPTER XII...

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Savannah Wallace

Review of Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Sell Me in a Sentence: Dreamy, descriptive, and dear to the hearts of all readers who pick it up, Anne of Green Gables deserves its classic status.

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Short Summary:11 year-old orphan, Anne Shirley, is adopted by the Cuthbert siblings from Prince Edward Island. As Anne grows older, her spirit, creativity, and intelligence begin to affect the small town of Avonlea and its inhabitants in amusing and powerful ways.

Review: This book delighted and charmed me to no end, despite my reading it for the first time at 22. Anne’s enthusiasm for life and Marilla’s (Anne’s guardian) transformation from being reserved to emotional and deeply empathetic are key to reading this book. Although this is a story about many things, I believe it is mostly about the influence of family and how its members shape each other in unexpected ways.

I kept reading this book thinking, “I should have read this as a preteen,” as I felt its messages about friendship, growing up, and first love would have appealed to me. As an adult, however, I was able to understand the Cuthberts, Josephine Barry, and Rachel Lynde’s roles better than I would have ten years ago. Anne’s vitality reminds them of their former aspirations, old beaux, and the preciousness of life. Anne has many faults, but her compassion and joy inspire all those around her.

By no means does that mean that Anne doesn’t change. This is a coming of age novel. For example, at the beginning of the book, Anne always used large vocabulary to remind adults of just how much she was looking forward to adulthood. By the last page, Anne forgoes using impressive words, instead becoming more of her true self by valuing her spot in the present.

The humorous writing was enchanting, and the descriptions of the P.E.I. landscape are the icing on the cake. You can’t help but fall in love with the characters of Diana Barry and Gilbert Blythe. Anne was lucky to have been surrounded by such warm friends as a child, who always looked out for her well-being, yet pushed her to be more adventurous and ambitious. The story is wholesome and yet doesn’t shy away from edgier topics (especially for the period during which it was published).

I recommend this book for 9 year-olds to 99 year-olds. It will make you laugh, cry, and wish that you hadn’t taken your childhood nearly as seriously. I give it 5/5 STARS.

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